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Qtropin 110 IU/20IU/ML Domestic

Rating: 4/5
Sales price: $180.00

QTropin : 110 IU. Shipped from within US.

Each vial contains 5.5 ml of HGH (20 IU's/ml/cc) 110 IU's total. 

It's shipped from within US in temp controlled containers.





Thursday, 26 July 2018
Gear is legit! I trust this domestic USA source much more than overseas.... Plus fast shipping and great customer service. Answers email fast!
Saturday, 14 April 2018
This HGH is the real deal, I injected this into my biceps right before my workout and the pump and burn was insane. I'm not recommending anyone to do this, the proper was is into the stomach . But I definitely noticed a huge difference
Victor sandoval