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TOPIC: Qtropin Bioactivity test

Qtropin Bioactivity test 1 year 7 months ago #14185

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Gent's, gonna share something new I learned and this is gonna be the intro to a write up on HGH quality assessment. This morning I had a conversation with one of the lab guys, we talked about how come all of a sudden, we see a qualitative breakthrough in the HGH field, many vendors claim to deliver 99% + pure HGH with HPLC supporting the claim.
These are just my thoughts, not saying the results you see somewhere are forged and not real.

This piece of equipment you see below is the HPLC column, it's necessary for HPLC testing, including HGH testing. How to add 3-5% to the purity of HGH you are testing? Cool down the column from 98.6F to 59F. Imagine, just making the piece of equipment a bit colder we artificially added 5% to the purity of testing sample.


What about the Bioactivity testing?

It's way harder to counterfeit it. High bioactivity can make an HGH with lower purity perform better than purer HGH with lower bioactivity.

This is the recent bioactivity test on Qtropin HGH. We can proudly say that Qtropin is HGH with high bioactivity.

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Qtropin Bioactivity test 1 year 6 months ago #14238

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Nice. I am ignorant here, but I'm curious why vendors never obtain the test with the actual amino acid and terminal connection peptide chain of 191 GH and chart it for identical placement and terminal docking? Also, there is never any discussion on which natural type of hGH is sold. I know there are about eight genes responsible for several homologues of hGH that take on a few minor differences in function but are mostly mysterious why the exact same 191 doesn't come in totality? There is a chiral hGH that women produce a. bunch of while pregnant, for obvious reasons, but it mostly active in the uterus. One of the two other main anterior pituitary GH pulses are of two kinds, one where 90-95% of the GH does the bulk of what we seek out here but medically speaking what the hell is the point of having this extra GH pulse out in the first place? Just curious and found this out the other day while reading a "99%+ pure" test result from a popular company with "PP" as their initials. The GH test showed purity but the authors admit some difference in the two patterns of use at least "covered all bases" and maybe it's time to start fighting for cheap steroids and GH again! may
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