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Var 2 months 1 week ago #14412

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Yes, thank you my friend. I had found this again, too, but came across one case study (always cited; never to the original) that may have shown inapposite results. This was explained as coffee makes you pee more and adenosine mimetics/activators like caffeine cause loss of minerals due to increased glucocorticoids from the “stress response or the body’s rebalancing” of the stress response. The graphs in the Portuguese study look remarkable for people already adjusted to 300mg caffeine or else there is enzymatic overload on metabolism of both coffee polyphenols and oxandrolone. I’d always use tons of caffeine, bike to gym. Take my Rx Amphetamine and Lift hard then eat protein immediately with a healthy meal hours later. I tend not to split doses but haven’t used anavar in years so I can’t recall. It’s my favorite AAS by far and I love how dose dependent it remains. passing 50mg to 80 or 100 does truly double efficacy. I think it’s one of the AAS that does require extraordinary attention to diet, and workout intensity, variation and numerosity l(yes they all give what you put in but the creativity and efforts for all types of exercises makes improvements significant in all areas and keeps one “fit” because cardio, long and quick exertion, traditional and power lifting, sports and gymnastics type body workouts all mesh together and Anavar adapts to give benefits to all and reduce downsides of all or of focus on one area.) great find thanks a lot!
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