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Oral Steroids

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Oral Steroids

Anabolic steroids are unavoidable when it comes to achieving high performance results in bodybuilding. They are testosterone analogues and can be found in two forms – oral and injectable. Today, you can even buy oral steroids, not only in bodybuilding supplements stores, but also online.

Facts About Oral Steroids

Testosterone is a male sex hormone which has high anabolic effects on muscle growth, as well as androgenic effect. Oral steroids are testosterone analogues with modified properties and designed to be ingested orally. Their anabolic effect is enhanced and androgenic effects are diminished in order to prevent side effects.

As liver has mechanisms for inactivation of testosterone and its analogues, none of them would survive long enough to express their effects on the muscles. Therefore, oral steroids are modified in such way to enable them to survive so called first-pass through the liver. The preferred modification used in almost all oral steroid products is 17-alpha alkylation. This gives oral steroids great properties, but also increases side effects. Namely, alkalized molecules are much harder to eliminate, so they can have harmful effect on liver (hepatotoxicity).

Oral Steroids Mechanism of Action 

After they pass liver successfully, steroids travel through the bloodstream and get to every organ in your body. Then they bind to their receptors inside cells and stimulate anabolic processes. Anabolic processes include building complex molecules such as proteins and nucleic acids from simple compounds such as glucose and amino acids. Protein synthesis is remarkably enhanced when using oral steroids, which is why they are an excellent choice for bodybuilding. They also stimulate the synthesis of nucleic acids (DNA and RNA). After finishing their function, steroids are inactivated in liver. As all steroids originate from cholesterol which cannot be completely destroyed, they are only partially degraded and excreted from the body through feces or urine.

Effects of Oral Steroids on Human Body

Oral anabolic steroids are used in bodybuilding because of their stimulating effect on muscle growth and development. They are often preferred over injectable steroids when there is a need to avoid doping control. That is because their metabolism is much faster and they are eliminated from organism very quickly. Of course, not to be confused, oral anabolic steroids are not allowed in sports. For persons who want to change their genetically predisposed physique towards more muscular shape, they can be used with great success. However, their effects are not permanent, and as soon as you stop taking them, the body will regenerate its original shape. Besides being used in bodybuilding, these oral steroids have some medical uses. For example, in boys with late appearance of secondary sex characteristics, they can be used to induce the beginning of puberty. In diseased that diminish bodily functions and lead to weight and muscle mass loss, such as AIDS, anemia, and osteoporosis, oral steroids can be used to oppose the effects of illness and help recovery of body strength. Although they are predominantly used in adults, they can be used for the treatment of some conditions in childhood.

Dosage Recommendations for Oral Steroids

Recommended dosages for oral steroids are different for different products on the market. For example, Stanozolol is administered in the doses of 6 – 18 g/day in men and 4 -12 g/day in women. Recommended dosage of Oxandrolone in men is 15 – 20 g/day and, in women 10 – 40 g/day. Oxymetholon is also known as “gorilla” supplement among bodybuilders, and it can be used in doses up to 150 mg/day. The dosage  should be adjusted individually for every person, so the help of a professional trainer can certainly be helpful.

What is Necessary for Optimal Results?

In order to achieve optimal results, oral steroids use must be supported with proper nutrition and intensive weight training. As explained above, anabolic steroids stimulate building proteins from amino acids and glucose. Therefore, high protein diet and sufficient calorie intake is necessary to increase muscle mass, as our muscle cells consist mainly of protein fibers. More precisely, that is at least 1g of proteins per Kg of bodyweight, but usually even more.

Weight lifting and strength exercises should be intensive and conducted by strict regimen, stimulating growth of different muscle groups and giving the muscles enough time to recover from training. However, it is noticed that steroids themselves can increase muscle mass, but that increase is not significant and it is not comparable to those effects produced by combined weightlifting and oral steroids intake.

Side Effects of Oral Steroids

There is a common controversy among general population whether anabolic steroids in general are safe. Doctors also have divided opinions. When it comes to oral steroids, there are some unwanted effects, but most of them are related to their inappropriate use. As we mentioned earlier, liver function has the potential risk to be affected by oral steroids because of their modified formulation. That is why it is recommended to check liver function from time to time while using oral steroids using simple laboratory tests. Side effects are mostly the consequence of their androgenic effects. It should be noted that androgenic effects are intentionally diminished in most of these steroids. Balding in men is a result of genetic mutation which can be present in women too, but this process is enhanced by testosterone, so the men are usually affected. That is why oral steroids increase balding in men. In women, virilization is the most common side effect, with changed voice, increased body hear growth, masculine look, etc.

With proper use, planned training, and nutrition, oral steroids can offer amazing results in terms of increased body mass and strength and with minimal amount of side effects. Always use them according to recommended dosages in order to avoid unwanted effects and consult your doctor if you have any metabolic or other disease. You can order and buy these oral steroids online where you can also check which of them are affordable and available in your location, or you can visit some of the local bodybuilding supplementation stores and find what you need.



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